Intuitive Massage

Our massages pay attention to the extra details that encourage full relaxation and deliver the maximum benefits of healing touch. All massages begin with a Balancing Foot Ritual, and we use 100% Natural and Organic oils infused with pure essential oils.

Balance & Calm $130 60min / $180 90min

This full-body relaxation massage combines rhythmic movements and gentle massage manipulation with the art of the senses. Create your own journey with your choice of one of five iKOU organic, aromatherapy plant oil blends. Intuitively guide your mind and body to greater relaxation and energy balance.


De-Stress with Hot Stone Healing & Foot Renewal $190 90min

Feel stress and tension melt away under expertly guided hot, Peruvian Basalt stones. Combining a blend of Geranium and Clementine oils with fluid movements to quieten and calm the mind. Your entire body will enter a state of deep relaxation under the comforting warmth of the stones. A blissful exfoliation for the feet is included in this treatment leaving you walking on air when you emerge.


Muscular Wellbeing $140 60min

This customised iKOU massage draws focus on the release of tension from the deeper tissues to correct muscular imbalances according to your individual needs. Organic, anti-inflammatory herb and plant infused oils, including a warming trio of Australian Eucalypt and Arnica, to deliver effective results and leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.


Naturally Nurture $130 60min

A soothing full body massage designed to evoke deep relaxation in preparation for your treasured new arrival. Gently nurturing in a time of constant change, your baby bump is nestled into our custom bed whilst soothing hands ease away tension. Revel in the expert relief and select your experiential oil scent for absolute tranquility or mindful de-stress. Nourishing organic massage blends rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants nourish and care for your skin during this special time.

Designed for mums over 12 weeks pregnant.

Mindfulness Facial & Massage  $135 60mins.  $175 90mins.
Beginning with a soothing relaxation massage to relieve tired muscles in the back, neck and shoulders followed by a wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health and mental wellbeing. A practice promising to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive and you feeling empowered to experience a new level of calm. Whilst a customised mask delivers its nutrients, mindfulness headphones guide your thoughts to the present moment to foster good intentions and gratitude to your day and life. 


Head, Neck & Scalp with Australian Fragonia & Bergamot Deep Conditioning Mask $115 40min

Head & Scalp massage is an age-old healing art form of holistic therapy. It allows for the relief of mental fatigue, the calming of thoughts, and the easing of stored tension. Australian Fragonia & Bergamot is renowned for relieving stress and assisting with conditions such as psoriasis or a dry, itchy scalp. This warming iKOU mask provides deep conditioning and invites rest for the mind, and washes away your cares.

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