BABOR Cleanse and Peel Mask



A 3 in 1 dep-action cleansing mask with an exfoliating effect – This mask leaves skin feeling smoother and more supple, and creates a clearer complexion with a rosy glow. It works to reduce excess sebum and remove superficial dead skin cells with salicylic acid and natural exfoliating grains.


Creates a clearer and smoother complexion leaving your skin with a rosy glow.


This mask helps to prevent skin blemishes and reduce shine by using ingredients such as Salicylic acid and natural exfoliating grains. The mask also contains Agrimonia eupatoria and Provitamin B5.


Apply a 1-2 cmm layer of cleansing mask evenly to the face, after cleansing. Omit the eye and mouth areas. Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes to take effect. Allow it mask to dry slightly, then moisten your fingertips and make circling movements to work up a lather, before exfoliating the skin in Step 2. Finally, rinse the mask off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times a week.