DR BABOR Beta Glucan Ampoules



Beta-glucan is effective even on highly stressed skin and soothes it instantly. Highly concentrated micro silver provides additional support by reducing existing irritations.



Irritated and stressed skin requires a gentle yet intensive skincare solution. Exactly this precise balance can be found in the active ingredient complex of Beta-Glucan Power Ampoules; they contain beta-glucan and micro silver with instantly soothing and relaxing effect. Beta-glucan – a bioactive polysaccharide derived from yeast – has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, which strengthens the skin’s natural resistance and reduces redness, irritation, feelings of tightness, and itching. Once the skin’s natural resistance is intact again, beta-glucan provides additional support to promote the skin’s natural regeneration process and strengthens the skin. But the innovative combination of active ingredients with micro silver also counteracts existing skin irritations. The antibacterial effect of micro silver reduces superficial skin irritations and redness.


Applied as a 7-day treatment series, the active ingredient concept of Beta-Glucan Power Ampoules produced less stressed skin with less irritation in 91% of the test subjects.


Use after cleansing with BABOR CLEANSING products. Shake the ampoule before use. Wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoule, grasp it firmly, and with a sharp movement snap it open at the lower, colored ring. Alternatively, use the enclosed ampoule opener. Pour the fluid into the palm of your hand and then smooth over your face, neck and décolleté. Pat gently into the skin, then apply a moisturizing cream.