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Does life feel like a rollercoaster? On top one minute, exhausted and stressed the next?

Discover how to REST . RELAX . RESTORE the iKOU way

Over fifteen years ago, Naomi was driven to find a solution to a skin condition that plagued her and her husband. After becoming passionate about organic skincare and wellness, they healed their skin. Later, in a moment of clarity while on holiday, Naomi decided to create a lifestyle that she has now built into a brand – iKOU.
Follow Naomi’s journey from iKOU’s early days in a Blue Mountains kitchen to the international brand it is today. Share in her business story and the tools she’s discovered as a busy woman (and a self-confessed high-achiever!) that help her to de-stress, create abundant energy and get organised to enjoy every precious day – no matter how busy it might be.
This book is an inspiring read; Naomi opens her heart and reminds us to follow our dreams to be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves every day.

(344 pages)


“Your book literally energises me while reading and makes me want to continue reading all night!”


“I’m enjoying reading your book tremendously, and am often hearing myself say “YES” aloud!”


“I have just spent a big chunk of my weekend reading your book, I couldn’t put it down. I buy lots of wellness books but a lot of the time never finish them. this one just spoke to me.”

“Dear Naomi, Paul and fabulous team at iKOU,
I recently purchased two copies of your book as I saw your short video about giving the entire book purchase price to the fire support efforts.
I had wanted it at Christmas for myself, but felt I probably had enough self-care books already.

And, this year 2020 is my year of ‘only intentional spending- no stuff’ I have a wee problem with accumulating stuff.
Your book arrived very quickly two days ago and today I sat down with my copy and for the last few hours have been reading it.

Your words are so full of integrity, vulnerability and care.  I have not been able to put it down.

Other books I have read that purport to support readers in their own wellbeing journey have usually only been briefly dipped into, or I might read a chapter here and there.  They are then just put away.
I LOVE your book.  It is a wonderful gift to the world, like the iKOU brand and your loving and lovely products.

I cried when you wrote about losing your Mum, and was touched by your journey through loss, great success, your bike accident, health challenges from exhaustion, love, and growth.

I also recently saw your post about sharing food with the many animals suffering from the bush fires.  What a big heart you have.

I am vegan too and your recipes have inspired me more than I think any other recipe books have (and, yes I have lots and lots of Vegan recipe books to join all the other stuff I have!).  I think it is because the recipes connect with your story.  I am making dhal tonight.  

Thank you Naomi for the blessing that is iKOU.  I have used your products for many years.  I remember buying the iKOU candle in white and green packaging many many years ago.  I am loving the candle range and body range you have now.  I made several purchases on two recent trips to Sydney for myself and for Christmas presents.  I love the white flannel products and am even more intrigued now I know the story behind them.

Thank you for creating this beautiful book.  I know I will continue to refer to it for your recipes and messages.  I am so pleased that I bought a second copy for my friend. She is going through challenging times right now, and I know will find your book a real blessing.  

Best wishes to you Naomi and to Paul for your continued health, wellbeing and abundance, Del”

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