Recovery Face Cleansing Creme


Infused with organic floral extracts, this creamy cleanser gently removes all traces of makeup leaving the skin hydrated, refreshed and clean.

Warm 2-3 pumps in the hands and massage in small circles all over the face. Remove with a warm, wet face cloth (muslin is ideal). Repeat using a gentle face brush for best results.

Yucca – Rich in natural plant saponins to leave skin fresh, clean and feeling protected without stripping natural oils.
Australian Desert Lime & Australian Rainforest Lemon for refreshing rejuvenation.
Organic Nettle – Cleanses and balances and also strengthens skin due to its high silica content.
Organic Rice Milk – Softening and smoothing
White Flannel Flower – Powerful Antioxidant & Anti-Ageing benefits
Organic Hibiscus – Gives similar effect as AHAs for gentle enzymatic exfoliation.

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