A collection of deep exfoliating, powerful peels for immediate results to smooth and renew the skin. 

Youthful Glow $125 30min 

Unified with an indulgent spa experience this is the perfect pick-me-up peel for all skin types, conditions and concerns. Antioxidant Pomegranate or Pumpkin enzymes are selected to gently refine and remove impurities whilst skin is enriched with healing jojoba esters to moisturise and nourish, revealing a smoother, more vibrant and youthful complexion.


Thirst Quencher $125 30min

Created for those who need a glowing complexion on demand! A deep infusion of lactic botanicals derived naturally from milk are used to strengthen and replenish hydration as well as plump fine lines leaving the skin feeling refreshed and looking lustrous. Working to regulate the skin’s pH balance, restore the natural moisture we lose every day and prevent sensitivity and irritation, the skin emerges ‘Event Ready’. An ideal peel for special occasions or monthly maintenance. 


Oxygen Radiance $135 30min

Infuse every pore with a burst of pure oxygen and breathe life back into dull, tired and lacklustre skin. A cocktail of high-performance enzymes works to re-energise cellular function and eliminate toxins residing within the pores. This oxygenating peel is suitable for all skin types and recommended to target skin showing signs of congestion from exposure to pollutants, stress or hormonal shifts. Envisage rejuvenated skin with just one application leaving it intensely hydrated, plumped and renewed. 


Brightening Boost $135 30min

Enriched with powerhouse peptides and high strength Vitamin C this lightening enzyme peel treats the appearance of uneven skin tone, pigmentation, photo damage and acne-related discoloration. Loaded with anti-ageing antioxidants this brightening boost will reveal supple, soft and luminous skin.


Skin Refresh $145 40min

Rejuvenate your complexion. Microdermabrasion uses physical exfoliation to buff and polish the skin using a stream of fine crystals or a diamond tip, removing each and every dead skin cell to help increase cell turnover. Lost skin cells are replaced with new healthy ones leaving you with softer skin, fewer fine lines and even a reduction in acne. Our signature vitamin infused lift-off mask follows to provide nourishment and deep hydration. You’ll instantly notice a change in the clarity, elasticity and texture of your - skin smoothing out discolorations, softening imperfections, and slowing down the aging process.

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Find us in the Trovarelli Building located opposite the Post Office. Transport yourself to our hidden sanctuary via the stairs or the lift to the lower ground where quintessential luxury awaits.

Three hour parking is available adjacent to the Wyndham Cultural Centre.

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