Step into wellness with our nature inspired iKOU spa rituals. The most potent and pure ingredients are sourced from pristine locations around the globe, with a focus on unique organic, wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower anti-ageing extracts. Our advanced, natural bio-active formulations deliver visible, high-performance, proven results. All suited for the most sensitive skin conditions, pregnancy and nut allergies.

White Flannel Flower Anti-Aging / 1hr 30min $210

Showcasing all of the signature techniques and sensory surprises from our full menu of iKOU facials, this intricate treatment journey delivers advanced anti-ageing results. Radiant skin is revealed with an AHA & BHA Australian Desert Lime face polish. Toning, firming, hydrating and collagen boosting is achieved using active, organic ingredients, serums and masques that have been carefully extracted from a unique selection of Australian plant, fruit, and flowers infused into the skin and enhanced with an acupressure facial massage. This beautiful, high performance treatment incorporates aromatherapy scalp, foot, arm and lower leg massage with Australian White Flannel Flower, inspiring a blissful experience from head to toe.

De-Stress Organic Luxury / 1hr 30min $210

Designed to help combat the powerful effect stress can have on aging and skin sensitivity, this calming and restorative facial focuses on collagen regeneration, healing, nourishing and rebuilding the skins elasticity. Using organic, wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts, this sensory facial incorporates White Clay Desquamation Face Polish and Hyaluronic Infusion Masque to brighten and balance the skin. Facial muscles are relaxed during an extended aromatherapy massage including scalp, shoulders, arms, feet and lower legs with Geranium, Lavender and Clementine for a deeply restful experience.

De-Stress Organic Radiance / 60min $135

A nourishing and hydrating organic facial to deeply relax and promote glowing, healthy skin. Focusing on an Organic Rice Milk and Yucca cleanse, Australian Desert Lime exfoliation and Radiance Face Masque to boost vitamins, hydration and replenish collagen and elastin. This soothing and calming facial is suitable for all skin types, especially the most sensitive.

Deluxe Vitamin Renew / 1hr 15min $165

An active facial to enhance luminosity, improve elasticity and deliver powerful anti-aging effects. Advanced, ultra-intensive blend of antioxidant Astaxanthin with vitamins and emollients to protect against environmental damage and deliver age-defying results. Collagen is boosted and cells are renewed with vitamin A rich Australian Banksia Seed Oil.

Deep Cell Hydration / 60min $145

Quench thirsty skin and restore elasticity and radiance in this deeply hydrating facial. Featuring super-antioxidant, native Australian rainforest Crown of Gold. Renewal begins with a focus on effective exfoliation. Moisture balance is restored with a deep cell low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid infusion compress and luxurious double masques for instant, visible results leaving skin radiant, nourished and revitalized.