Water therapies, Werribee

Traditional water therapies aided by mineral actives and aromatherapy to promote total body wellness. As you relax and release stress on the physical level, colour therapy deepens healing on an energetic level by restoring balance and freeing energy blocks. The perfect prelude or finish to any of our luxurious spa treatments. Unwind on your own or share the experience with a loved one.

Bathology-2Blissful Bathology30min | $62

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The ritual of bathing restores balance of body and mind. Indulge yourself with complete decadence. Surrounded by candles, sink into the blissful waters of our luxurious geisha bath infused with signature aromatherapy blended mineral salts. The healing properties of gentle hydrotherapy massage jets nourish and hydrate your skin, revitalise and stimulate circulation, refresh and rejuvenate your body. A perfect way to relax before beginning your next treatment.

HammamHammam Vitality30min | $55

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Envelope your body in the traditions of a sensory Hammam steam ritual to deeply cleanse your body and mind, and melt away any tension.

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