Spray Tans

At Fifth Element by Saltair Spa, our spray tanning services offer a broad range of colours and bases to compliment your skin tone for a personalised and safe approach to achieving a sun-kissed glow.

Enjoy luminous and radiant skin all year round.

Spray Tan Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take off all my clothes when you apply TechnoTan?

No, this is an individual choice. How ever you are comfortable.

How long will TechnoTan last?

Tans will last only as long as it takes your skin to fade. You can prolong your tan by moisturising twice daily and taking good care.

I have turned orange using other preparations, will this happen with TechnoTan?

No, because the formulation of TechnoTan is derived from natural products. It will only react to the amino acids and proteins on your skin.

I am very fair and have always wanted to have a tan, can TechnoTan help me?

Yes, we now have a number of satisfied TechnoTan ‘converts’ who were formerly lily-white and now are completely satisfied with their colour after TechnoTan.

What colour will I be after TechnoTan?

Everybody’s skin type and colour is unique. You will look a similar colour to when you have had relaxing time in the sun.

I often feel “sticky” when I use a tanning cream, will this happen with TechnoTan?

No, your body will be dry before you put your clothes back on.

Do you apply TechnoTan to the face and neck?

Yes, however this is an individual choice. TechnoTan is safe to apply all over the body.

I frequently swim in chlorinated water. Will this affect my TechnoTan?

Yes, frequent swimming will enhance exfoliation and chlorinated water tends to bleach the skin.

I have dark pigmentation spots on my neck. Will TechnoTan cover this?

As each skin type is individual, it is impossible to give a standard answer. However, discolouration is less noticeable once TechnoTan has been applied.

Do I need to use sunscreen with TechnoTan?

Yes, TechnoTan does not offer any protection from UV rays so sunscreen is still essential if you go out into the natural sunlight.

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