Skincare FAQ with Fifth Element by Saltair Spa Werribee

Building up the perfect skincare routine to achieve your goals can be difficult and take a lot of time to perfect. Our Skin Therapists at Fifth Element by Saltair Spa are here to answer some of our clients most frequently asked questions when it comes to skincare and must have products.

How often should I be using Retinol?

A high quality and compatible retinol should be safe to use each night, unless directed otherwise by your skin therapist. When using a retinol serum, sunscreen must be worn each day, as the regular cell turn over exposes the newer and fresher cells to the surface faster and can quickly become damaged by unprotected sun exposure, resulting in hyperpigmentation.

 Can I use Vitamin C and Retinol?

Vitamin C and Retinol have an incredible partnership together in creating a more youthful skin texture and appearance. Whilst Vitamin C evens out the skin’s tone and and promotes elasticity, Retinol is acting as a daily exfoliation to buff off the older and more compromised skin cells to push the fresher and healthier cells to the surface. Although please do not layer these products. Vitamin C should be used in the morning and Retinol should be used at night.

Is High Quality Hyaluronic Acid worth using?

Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally in our bodies, which has a key responsibility for healthy cell function. Our skin needs this topically to maintain optimal function, but the amount of Hyaluronic Acid will determine your results. We recommend salon quality product as you will have a much higher grade of HA which will penetrate deeper into the skin and provide you with much better long-term results.

Do I need to wear SPF when it’s not sunny?

Despite the lack of direct sunlight or ‘shine’, we are still receiving a healthy level of exposure from our photoaging UVA rays, which play a large role in the development of wrinkles, melanin and discoloration in the skin, despite the lack of direct sun.

The lack of protection from these rays can often hinder the results of any corrective skin treatments and skincare regimes performed. Undoubtedly, sun protection is integral for the skin all year round when preventing and/or correcting pigmentation and premature ageing all year round. Rain, hail or shine… Wear your SPF!

When should I exfoliate?

A build-up of dead skin can lead to congestion, bacteria and clogged pores developing in the skin and can stop your skin from absorbing your serums and moisturisers. It’s important to exfoliate with a lower % chemical peel or granular exfoliant at least once a week but be mindful of not over exfoliating as this can lead to sensitivity/stripping of the skin’s protective barrier.

At Fifth Element by Saltair Spa Werribee, we offer Skin Consultations where you can visit us in spa and work closely with our experienced and knowledgeable skin therapists to analyse your skin and build a skin treatment plan tailored just for you.

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If you have any further questions, please contact us on (03) 9974 1444 to speak with one of our skin therapists. We can’t wait to help you to achieve the skin of your dreams!